Specialist in pet care

With more than 20 years of experience, Greenfields is a specialist in the field of pet care, especially for dogs. For us no dog is the same. That is one of the reasons that Greenfields focuses on unique solutions for each type of coat. No matter if a dog has a curly, wire, white or dark coat, we are convinced that each coat deserves a unique shampoo.

We can offer pets exactly what they need, thanks to our expertise and high quality care products. Our expertise is shown in the collection of care products which are enriched with natural extracts, delicious fragrances and happy colours. All shampoos of Greenfields are produced in the Netherlands and are enriched with natural extracts, are paraben-free, biodegradable, pH balanced and the perfume is allergen free.


Innovation has always been an important driving force. From the introduction of special coat shampoos to the innovative recipes of the shampoo itself. A shampoo for curly fur, rough coat, white or dark fur: Greenfields has the solution!

Made in Holland
High quality
Suitable for every type of dog
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